The Gaia International Forum (11-22 September 2019) inaugurated the new Poetry Block. Including the Library and the Municipal Auditorium, this is a space dedicated to culture and words that claims streets and gardens and makes them a permanent stage.

The brief was to design and deliver branding, identity, print and digital materials, newspaper, website, and an interactive Augmented Reality experience. Users could interact with festival material decorating the city in the forms of billboards, posters and fliers via the augmented reality application, as well as share their experiences online. Poems were also developed into 3D interpretations that users of the AR experience could place around the city, record their compositions and share to social channels.

The application (Gaia RA) became a central feature of the festival, and contributed to a wider audience engagement where users helped to contribute to the festival as well as encourage exploration of other festival features.

Art Direction: Maria João Ruivo 
Identity/Graphic Design: Serafim Mendes + Diana Ferreira 
Editorial Design: Diana Ferreira
3D/AR Content Design/Animation: Serafim Mendes 
AR Application Development: Oliver Ellmers
Video/Photography: Tânia Franco
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