Natural Highs is an electronic outdoor music festival in Antwerp, Belgium. I created the artwork used throughout the identity and developed some graphic design solutions for 2017's edition, such as the main poster, flyers, part of their facebook content, wristbands, stage banners, among others. 

The main idea was to represent not only the electronic music using the geometric elements but also nature, where the event takes place, adding some organic and natural elements. The illustration had to be done in isometric perspective in order to incorporate their logo, which is also isometric, as the main element. I also created a short teaser where the viewer navigates the illustration from different points of view.
Main poster
Close-ups from the main artwork

Festival teaser. Music: Adryiano - On My Side

Facebook page picture and cover image
Example/template posts for Facebook

3D logotype

Afterparty artwork

Monochrome render for website background (yellow)
Monochrome render for website background (purple)

Photography by Natural Highs Festival

Thanks for watching!
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