POST–PRINT is a project that aims to explore the creative possibilities of augmented reality (AR) alongside graphic design, through the use of real-time, interactive 3D content as a tool for communication. Post-print was initiated in 2017 and is the result of Serafim Mendes' thesis/final project for the MA in Communication Design at ESAD Matosinhos.​​​​​​​

PROJECT Serafim Mendes
DESIGN / 3D / ANIMATION Serafim Mendes
EXHIBITION HOSTS Mecha Studio, ESAD Matosinhos
VIDEO Tânia Franco
MUSIC Kevin Pires
FOOTAGE Studio LOQ, ESAD Matosinhos​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The first Post-print exhibition was hosted by Mecha Studio, who also collaborated in the project with the concept, design and production of the physical installation where augmented posters were showcased.

Can the virtual 3D space help delivering a message? The augmented content layer can add both depth and movement to the design. It also enables the creation of a new information layer, resulting in a more interactive and engaging experience for the viewer.

The Post-print app is available for iOS and Android at the App Store and Play Store. Download and install it for free and scan the images below to experience the augmented designs through your own device!

Typeface contributions

Integral by Connary Fagen
Adieu by Good Type Foundry
Monitor Display by Diana Ferreira
Arre by Gonçalo Fialho
SM Häuser by Mark Niemeijer
Morion by David Einwaller (TDF)
Digestive by Jérémy Landes
Grandmaster by Lucas Descroix (TDF)
Favorit/Prophet by Dinamo Typefaces
Faktura by Futur Neue

Special thanks

Prof. Ana Raposo
Mecha Studio​​​​​​​
ESAD Matosinhos
Miguel Moura
Pedro Galego
Rui Silva
Diana Ferreira
Rui Mendes
Inês Leal
Fábio Cerqueira
Tom Rider

Thank you!

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Serafim Mendes (C) 2017-2019

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