Sargaçodarte is an art fair which aims to promote new and upcoming artists. It takes place in Viana do Castelo, a city in the north of Portugal. The fair features graphic and product design, jewelry, illustration, music, painting, among others.

Each edition features a different artist in the promotional poster, which shares a base layout. I created the illustration and animation for the third edition's poster. Kevin Pires was in charge of the sound design and music. The poster is also working with augmented reality which allows people to watch the animation in the printed poster, through their smartphones and tablets.

Illustration: Serafim Mendes
Animation: Serafim Mendes
Sound design: Kevin Pires
Music: Kevin Pires

Photography by Vanda Balinha

Sargaçodarte, edition 1 – on the tables: work by João Puig, Clara Pessanha and Raquel Peixoto

Poster template. Graphic design by Raquel Peixoto

Final animated poster

Augmented Reality experiment

Sargaçodarte, edition 1 – on the wall: work by Clara Pessanha and João Puig

Final illustration


Sound design and music

Sargaçodarte, edition 1 – on the tables/wall: work by Sara Ramone (Vítrea Pele) and Gonçalo Forte (Parus)

Thanks for watching!
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