Recorded in a take in the South of France and re-imagined in the heart of Minho (Portugal), 'Saint-Jean-de-Luz' reveals another face of Solar Corona with music recorded in an improvisation session inspired by the serene landscape of the Pyrenees.

Solar Corona is rock music pulsating like a motor on the listeners' psyches. Formed in 2012 and reformed in 2016, the Portuguese power trio, comprising of Rodrigo Carvalho (guitar/synths), the mastermind of this venture, José Roberto Gomes (bass) and Peter Carvalho (drums) is fully committed to rip your consciousness off and take you into a rampant odyssey through distorted landscapes and steady beats.

Graphic Design: Sérgio Couto, Serafim Mendes
Illustration: Nelson Duarte, Sérgio Couto, Serafim Mendes
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